Friday Workout, June 17/16

Today's Workout is a Tabata style workout.

You can perform parts of this workout with weight, or simply use your body weight.

Equipment required:

  1. Skipping Rope
  2. Tabata Timer (see here for a free workout timer app)
  3. Kettlebell (optional)

Perform 20 seconds of work followed immediately by 10 seconds of recovery. Repeat for 8 rounds per exercise. Rest 1 min between exercises. For limited exercises (ex: 100m sprint) use remaining work time as recovery time.

20:10, x8R, 1min Rest b/w Ex.

Ex 1: Skipping

Ex 2: Sprint 100m

Ex 3: Goblet Squats

Ex 4: Push Ups

Ex 5: Walking Lunges


Remember, give it your all every round. You are only as good as your worst round!


B.Kin, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology CPT


Author: Mark Murdoch, Kinesiologist, Chiropractic Student. Have questions? Email me. I want to help!