Friday Workout, June 23/16

Today's workout is a tough, endurance workout.

Complete the below workout as quickly as possible, resting as little as possible.

Only successful attempts of the 6'/5' jump count as reps.

Equipment Required: 

  1. Stop Watch
  2. Tape measure or 6'/5' yoga mat



5 Rounds of...

Ex 1: 400m Run

Ex 2: 6' or 5' Jump (Only successful jumps count as reps).


It is helpful to time your 400m runs and compare them. This workout tests your ability to recover, and be able to produce a dynamic effort (i.e. the jump) while exhausted from a run. Record your total time and compare it to future attempts.


B.Kin, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology CPT

Author: Mark Murdoch, Kinesiologist, Chiropractic Student. Have questions? Email me. I want to help!