3 Ankle Mobilizations to fix your Knee, Hip and Back Pain

Our ankles and our feet are our foundations. Like any structure, we need a proper foundation in order to have a long-lasting, sturdy and resilient building. But, unfortunately, modern footwear bears little resemblance to the way our feet are designed and limits the way they're meant to function. Ankle dysfunction, whether it be lack or range of motion or simply altered biomechanics, can cause serious hiccups and dysfunctions upstream (namely our knees, hips, and back).

High heeled shoes, stiff soles, and narrow toe boxes are a constant hindrance. The good news (yet again), is that you have the power to do something about it.

Like I did for Back Pain and Neck/Shoulder Pain, I have put together my favorite exercises and mobilizations. They are easy and effective and don't take any more equipment than you have laying around the house.


Use the LAX Ball Peanut on the bottom and a single trigger release ball on top. Apply pressure with the top ball and move the ankle into plantar/dorsiflexion. You can also use the top ball to wind up the tissue before you move your ankle through your range of motion. Move up and down the shin as you see fit.

Continue for 2 mins/side

Use the top ball to find trigger points along the inside of the calf (top side). 

Avoid areas that cause tingling/numbing.



Use a lacrosse ball, foam roller or lacrosse ball peanut. Roll up and down your calf until you find a trigger point. Proceed to point your toes up and down, working through the trigger point. It is often useful to rotate your leg to get the sides of the calf.

If the weight of your leg alone is not enough pressure, cross your feet to add some weight and increase the intensity.

Continue for 2 mins/side



Place the LAX or tennis ball under your foot. Roll from heel to toes, along the center and outside our your sole. You can also twist from side to side (think "putting out a cigarette" ...not that any of you would ever smoke, of course...).

Continue for 2 mins/side

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- Mark Murdoch, Kinesiologist

Author: Mark Murdoch, Kinesiologist, Chiropractic Student. Have questions? Email me. I want to help! mark@leofitness.ca