Which sports apply the most to the POPAT/PARE?

Some sporting background will give you more of an advantage for the POPAT than others. That being said, having any sort of background will help.

The stop sports that apply:

1. Track and Field - Track athletes are some of the most well-rounded athletes around, because of the demands of the competition. They need to be able to run, jump and throw. These attributes put them at an advantage for any of the PATs

2. Martial Arts - Because of the diverse movement demands of martial arts, martial artists have a very applicable background to the PAT. Usually, their strength and conditioning are both great, but they may need to do some running to prepare for the specificity of the POPAT or PARE.

3. Crossfit - You might not consider Crossfit a sport, however with the Crossfit Games right around the corner, and the spectacular event that it is, I would argue it is. The demands placed on a Crossfitter are intense. As long as a crossfitter is a half decent runner they should have no problem with the PAT.

4. Football (American) - Football requires both agility and power. However, depending on the position the aerobic/anaerobic fitness may be a challenge. Despite this shortcoming, most football players will probably have an easy time preparing for the PAT.

5. Soccer - Soccer players will likely have a breeze through the agility run. They may, depending on the stature, have trouble with the Push/Pull machine, so training their upper body pressing strength will be beneficial.

Regardless of your sporting background, I highly recommend completing a practice test to check where you're at. You can book one with LEPAT (the best PAT testing facility in the Fraser Valley) here: www.LEPAT.com


B.Kin, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology CPT


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Author: Mark Murdoch, Kinesiologist, Chiropractic Student. Have questions? Email me. I want to help! mark@leofitness.ca