Top 3 Exercises for the Vault

Here are my 3 favorite exercises to help prepare you for the Vault. While these exercises will definitely help you, the vault still requires a general level of athleticism. Keep practices and you will get both faster and more efficient.

The vault requires both upper body and lower body strength, and the ability to coordinate them.

1. Clock Push Ups

To perform a set of Clock Push Ups, start with your body straight and stiff, with your body at "12 o'clock." Perform a Push Up for each number on the clock, keeping your body stiff throughout the set. Once you have completed one direction, rest for 1 minute and reverse directions. These can be performed either with dynamic Push Ups, or by walking your hands after each rep.


2. Squat Jumps

You can perform squat jumps on the spot, traveling forward/backwards or side-to-side. Make sure your form is strict, keeping your back flat and your knees over your toes.


3. Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are great to train both your upper body and lower body. Perform for time, or for reps. These can also be performed similar to the Clock Push Ups, moving your feet around the clock numbers.



Here's an example workout, utilizing these exercises. Perform 1-3 Rounds. Rest 1-2 minutes between Sets A-C.

A1) Clock Push Ups x13 reps (1 Rotation Clockwise. Starting and finishing at 12 o-clock)

A2) Squat Jumps on the Spot x20

A3) Mountain Climbers x20


B1) Clock Push Ups x13 (Counterclockwise)

B2) Lateral Squat Jumps x16

B3) Clock Mountain Climbers x26 (2 reps per number on the clock)


C1) Clock Push Up Walk x4 (Perform only the walk around the clock, without the push up)

C2) Squat Jumps x15 (Traveling Forward)

C3) Mountain Climber Doubles x20 (switch your legs 2x in succession for every rep with speed).


Make sure to perform a dynamic warm up consisting of mobility work and some heart rate elevating exercise.


B.Kin, Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology CPT

Author: Mark Murdoch, Kinesiologist, Chiropractic Student. Have questions? Email me. I want to help!