A Step-by-Step approach to Police Fitness Training

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Why prepare for the test?

It is your responsibility as an officer to be fit for duty. You owe it to the public, your partners, your family, but most of all yourself.

The police Physical Abilities Tests are extremely challenging. Average will not cut it. It takes above average focus, above average fitness level, and above average mental fortitude. You develop all of these skills by following a regimented training program.

Prepare to Protect is designed to take you to the fitness level needed every day as a Law Enforcement Officer.

How does the program work?

  • All materials are emailed to you the moment you purchase the course

  • The program is in a PDF that is easy to use on your phone, tablet, or computer.

  • All links are in the PDF for exercise tutorials on the go

  • Workout templates are easily printable to keep physical copies and monitor your progress

what to expect?

  • Step by step workout and exercise progressions

  • 30-60 minute sessions, 4-6 x per week

  • Structure strength and conditioning workouts

  • Your fitness guide from zero to officer

  • 16-week structured program for beginners (more advanced participants can enter the cycle wherever they feel confident)

What equipment do I need if I want to train from home?

What if I am new to training?

The Zero-Hero journey takes two things: dedication and guidance. We provide the guidance, you provide the dedication.

  • Step-by-step exercise tutorials

  • Exercise video library

  • Exercise and program progression basics

  • Scale the workouts to meet your fitness level

Stop wasting time with ineffective workouts. Start training for your dream career today.