Landmine Press Tutorial - Tactical Tuesday

Standing Cable Press demonstration

Explosive Band Press demonstration

Push Up on an incline demonstration

Half kneeling Landmine Press demonstration

DB Floor Press demonstration

Dumbbell Military Press demonstration

KB Floor Press demonstration


Bent Over Row exercise demonstration

Double Lat Pull Down demonstration

Full ROM Pull Up demonstration

Pull Up Eccentric Tempo 3s demonstration

Landmine Row Tutorial - Tactical Tuesday

Chin Up Eccentric Temp: 3s

How to do a full Range of Motion Pull Up with a Pronated Grip (aka overhand grip)

Ring/TRX Rows demonstration

Speed Row exercise demonstration

Explosive Bilateral Band Row demonstration

Unilateral Standing Row with a band demonstration

Landmine V-Bar Row demonstration

TRX/Gymnastics Rings demonstration

Full ROM Chin Up demonstration

Supinated Grip Bent Arm Hang demonstration


KB Goblet Squat variations demonstration.

KB UL Front Squat demonstration.

Landmine Sumo Squat demonstration

BW Wall Sit demonstration

BW Squat demonstration

Full BW Pistol Squat demonstration

Pistol Squat scaled to a box demonstration

Glute Bridge exercise demonstration


Barbell Deadlift (aka BBell DL) demonstration

KB Clean tutorial

Kettlebell Deadlift demonstration

Band Pull Through demonstration.

KB Swing demonstration

Landmine RDL demonstration


Dumbbell Lunge demonstration

Bodyweight reverse lunge demonstration

BW Cossack Squat/Lateral Lunge demonstration

Step Ups Tutorial - Tactical Tuesday

Half Kneeling to Knee Drive Jump demonstration for power

KB Split Squat or a DB Lunge demonstration

Kettlebell Overhead Lunge Exercise demonstration.

DB Step Ups demonstration

KB Cossack Squat/Lateral Lunge demonstration.

Box Step Up with Knee Drive demonstration


Side Bridge demonstration

Landmine Starfish Switches demonstration

Landmine Overhead Marching demonstration

Pallof Press demonstration (core exercise)

Hard Style Plank tutorial