How to Train for the POPAT.

Your guide to your best POPAT/PARE time yet.

Whether you are a fitness pro or new to training, the POPAT and PARE can give you trouble. It is full of novel movements and challenges that you need to complete with the added pressure of a time limit.

I've put together a few posts that are going to help you streamline your training and optimize your POPAT/PARE time. Browse through the Leo Fitness BLOG for a bunch of free training articles.

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For those of you looking for a more COMPLETE training program, I have partnered with (Law Enforcement Physical Abilities Testing). They are the leader in official law enforcement abilities testing, practice testing and Physical Abilities Test development. For this reason we have partnered with them to bring you the Prepare to Protect training program.

The Prepare to Protect police training program is now available exclusively at through

Between LEPAT's testing experience and our training expertise, we are confident you will find success through this training program.

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articles you will find helpful

  1. POPAT Pacing: How to get a sub-3:45 time

  2. How to train for Strength to master the Push/Pull

  3. Top 3 exercises to prepare you for the Vault

  4. The best way to improve your cardio/conditioning