Prepare to Protect

Physical Abilitites Test Training Program

Leo fitness and LEPAT

I want you to become a Law Enforcement Officer.

I paired up with to create a course to help you prepare for the Physical Abilities Tests. LEPAT is the undisputed leader in Physical Abilities Testing, and the partnership was a natural fit. Together we have  build a program to not only help you conquer the PATs, but also succeed in your career as a Law Enforcement Officer.

Whether you are testing for the POPAT, PARE, COPAT, SOPAT, ORPAT or any other physical test, the Prepare to Protect training program will help you get there. It is the guidance you are looking for to reach the fitness level you need to be an officer.


The course consists of exercise tutorials for both strength and conditioning, lessons on how to program and build your training sessions, and how to trouble shoot common training obstacles. Whether you are a fitness veteran or a total novice, we want to help you succeed and start your dream career.


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