Success Stories

True testimonials of people who started off without experience, just like you, but had the courage to work towards their goals.

Lynia T. 

Abbotsford Police


Before Training: Fail

After Training: 3:31

"When I began training with Mark my only goal was to pass the POPAT. I came to him with poor posture, a bad shoulder and a disdain for strength training. By the end of our time together I learned how to train and stretch properly. As a result, my shoulder pain and posture improved drastically. Not only did I pass the POPAT, but I surpassed the goal set for time. I went from a fail to a time of 3:31. Once this goal was reached, I moved forward setting new fitness goals with Mark's help.

Mark is extremely knowledgeable about kinesiology and meticulous about his programming. His expertise in the field is outstanding. After one month, I entered Mark's online training program. Mark provided weekly online programs and promptly answered any questions through text, email or Skype. Mark ensure I used proper technique by watching videos of my exercises and provided feedback.

Mark is approachable, intelligent, encouraging and motivating. I would recommend him to anyone."

-Constable Lynia T.

Sarah C.


Before Training: Fail

After Training: 4:07

"I was given Marks Murdoch’s card after my unsuccessful practice run of the POPAT last year. I left the practice run feeling defeated and like there was no way I could pass it. I wouldn’t have considered myself out of shape going into it. I was very active and did lots of hiking on a regular basis, I was not overweight, and I considered myself to be strong both physically and mentally. I called Mark up and he was the perfect trainer for me! We knew that I would have to run my official POPAT within 1-3 months so he got right on preparing a program that was specific to me. He came with me to a practice run and noted my strengths and weak area and further customized my program to get me to where I needed to be. After 2.5 months of working with Mark, I passed the POPAT!

I don’t know whether he or I were more proud. Mark is a very positive trainer. He had full confidence in me from the first time we trained together. He always pushed me beyond my comfort zone but in a very calm way. In the field of physical trainers, I think that sometimes the training styles can be militant and dramatic but Mark has a way of motivating without being dramatic. I remember one time in particular when I told him I felt like I might throw up and he calmly said that's ok if you need to go ahead and then keep going. I didn’t need to thank goodness but it was something that stood out to me because it showed me that my body was actually capable of more than my mind thought it was. I think one of Marks strengths as a trainer is he has a strong mind and through his training, I have developed a stronger mindset when it comes to physical challenges.

Another thing I really appreciate about Mark is he is very attentive to time. He is always ready to go when I arrive and he always has a clear plan for our time together. My time is limited being a mother of two and working full time and Mark always optimizes the time I have. I always leave feeling like I’ve worked hard. Since passing the POPAT I have continued working with Mark to keep my strength up. I really appreciate that he is very focused on training properly and strengthening my body in a way that prevents injuries.

He is now helping me develop my endurance for running and I am going to be running my first ever half marathon this weekend. I really enjoy training with Mark and I would highly recommend him as a trainer!"

- Sarah C., RCMP Candidate

Kristalynn C.


Before Training: Fail

After Training: 3:54

"I met Mark back in December when I started my journey to train for the POPAT. I had never worked with a trainer before and I had no idea what to expect, but Mark exceeded my expectations over and over again. He made me work very hard while still encouraging me along the way and did not put up with any of my whining. :)

I know that I would never have been able to improve my time as quickly as I did without Mark. I went from an over 5 minute POPAT time to a 4:06 in just a little over two months.

Mark is a fantastic trainer and a great resource if you are wanting to quicken your time for the POPAT of PARE."

- Constable Kristalynn C.
1 month after starting at the Justice Institute of BC, Kristalynn ran a super fast 3:54

Neha S.


Before Training: FAIL

After Training: 2:40

"I have been training with Mark for approximately 7 months and within this time frame I recently passed my COPAT test with a time of 2:40! Mark has been a great trainer. Last year, I did a practice physical abilities test and failed miserably. The instructor of the test recommended me to train with Mark - a decision I do not regret! He has a great personality, is very friendly and has a lot of experience. Mark always goes the extra mile when it comes to answering questions and scheduling sessions based on my availability. For me as a client, Mark has always pushed me to do my best and believed in me when I did not!

From day one he has been extremely patient and worked with me at my pace which is important when you are working towards a specific goal.

I would highly recommend Mark to anyone who is looking for a personal trainer for law enforcement or wants to accomplish other fitness goals."

- Neha S., Correctional Officer

Gail T.

General Health

"I have seen a significant decrease in pain, while increasing my flexibility my flexibility. Mark is thorough in his assessment. He has taken the time to demonstrate the exercises and guide me to performing them correctly. He has a wonderful demeanour that made me feel sale, respected and valued.

I highly recommend Mark to help anyone with his or her fitness needs."

- Gail T.