Fit to Fight: Fire Fighter Training Program

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Fit to Fight: Fire Fighter Training Program


The Fit to Fight Program is a step by step guide to training for the CPAT and your career as a Fire Fighter.

Program consists of 26 different exercises to help you build the skills and strength needed for a successful career.

Along with exercise tutorials are Plug-and-Play workout templates, exercise theory and recommended tools to train from home.

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Program Overview

The Fit to Fight program is designed to be simple and effective. It uses functional strength and conditioning exercises to help you produce fast, reliable, and consistent results.

For ease of use, the program comes in a PDF format for easy reading on your computer, phone, or tablet. For most every exercise there are graphic tutorials and clear written instructions for how to perform the technique. Along with these instructions are the common mistake people make when performing the exercises. For many of the exercises, there are also links to video demonstrations.

At the end of the program, there are Strength and Conditioning workout templates, making it easy to build and track your workouts in a Plug-and-Play format.

If you are still having trouble, or you want to train for a specific portion of the test, there is a Trouble Shooting section which breaks down each portion of the CPAT and how to prepare for it.

Once you have trained consistently and passed the physical test, this program serves as a training guide to structure your daily training and physical preparedness.

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About Mark

My name is Mark Murdoch, and I have been training in martial arts and self-defense for over a decade. I am a self-defense and martial arts instructor, as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I have always had a passion for human movement and physical performance, which led me to achieve my Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science.

I am always learning and adapting my training style, basing my training programs on the cumulative knowledge of dozens of fitness and exercise science professionals.

My goal for this program is to help you take the next step towards your dream career. A career as a Fire Fighter means you are entering a high-performance lifestyle and a commitment to physical fitness. To be successful you need to prioritize your health, training, and recover.

I can't emphasize enough how excited I am to see where this journey takes you.

-Mark, B.Kin

I don’t know whether he or I were more proud. Mark is a very positive trainer. He had full confidence in me from the first time we trained together. He always pushed me beyond my comfort zone but in a very calm way. In the field of physical trainers, I think that sometimes the training styles can be militant and dramatic but Mark has a way of motivating without being dramatic.
I think one of Marks strengths as a trainer is he has a strong mind and through his training, I have developed a stronger mindset when it comes to physical challenges.
— Sarah C

Program Outline

Section 1: Strength

The first section of the program teaches you the principles and exercises you need to know to build a fireproof body. This section is more than just the exercises, it includes the theory and practical applications behind strength and athletic development. Through this program, you will learn more than just exercises. You will learn the basic to train for the rest of your life.

Section 2: Conditioning

Section 2 is where you will learn how to build your engine. Your conditioning is the difference between exhaustion and having energy in reserve. It can be the difference between safety and injury, or worse. Like the Section 1, you will also learn the theory and practical applications for a lifetime of effective training.

Section 3: Trouble Shooting, Tips & Tricks, and Training Advice

If you are struggling with the specific sections of the CPAT, to lose weight, or to make progress in your training this is the section you need to pay attention to. It consists of advice for each individual CPAT section as well as common training sticking points.

Section 4: Plug-and-Play

The last section provides you with Plug-and-Play Strength and Conditioning templates to help you build your workout and stay Fit to Fight for your whole career.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are unsatisfied with the program in any way within 3 months of purchase, receive your money back guaranteed. The program is built on the fundamentals of strength and conditioning. No gimmicks. As such, I am confident that with your determination you can reach the best shape of your life. If you have any reason that you are struggling, you have my full support and can use me as a resource. That being said, if you are unsatisfied with the program and desire your money back it will be refunded without protest.

Note: Moeny Back Guarantee requires proof of purchase.